Manhattan Winters

Coming from the Midwest, where a “light snow” means about 6 inches, I have embraced this Manhattan winter with open arms.

So far, winter has consisted of about five straight days of fairly cold (but not unbearable) weather, culminating in about a half an inch of snow. The snow barely sticks – and soon turns to black, ashy slush before disappearing – but when that snow first starts to fall, it sure is pretty!


So with such mild winters,  I get to say goodbye to these types of items in my wardrobe…


…to make room for more things like this!


Although I see it every time it starts to quasi-snow here, I can’t quite bring myself to bust out my umbrella like the rest of the city does. It’s almost like New Yorkers don’t know what to do! It’s SNOW not rain, folks. But since it always tends to hover around freezing, an umbrella like this one does help keep you dry as the snow melts on contact.

I also used to think rain boots were an unnecessary, and frankly, foolish trend, until I moved to New York CIty and realized you actually DO need them here to hop over the three foot puddles lingering on every street corner! I’m absolutely loving the above Hunter boots right now, but opted for these Coach ones as my rain boot of choice. Whatever boots are in your closet, you can just stick a warm liner in them on a cold day, and you’re good to go!

Needless to say, my “marshmallow attire” days are gone, and I’m happy to trade in my Eskimo-style North Face and furry boots for a less cumbersome coat and some puddle-proof wellies.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts, New Yorkers – because it will be gone faster than it came. Tomorrow’s forecast: high of 56.


Coat: North Face  //  Jacket: Burberry  //  Boots: Sorel  //  Wellies: Hunter  // Umbrella: Pinterest  //  Hat: REI (similar here)

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