Celebrating 100 Years

I walked the red carpet today, and entered the main hall of Grand Central to find it adorned with signs that read: Grand by Design. Today, it looked magnificent.

How easy it has become for me to take this goregous piece of architecture for granted. In and out, every day on my commute. Me and 800,000 other commuters walk these corridors daily, forgetting to notice the beauty that surrounds us.

New faces. New people. Commuters and visitors, donning different fashions over the ages. Time passes, but Grand Central stands there, unchanged, and just as beautiful as it looked in 1913.




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In honor of Grand Central’s centennial, I thought it would be fun to look at the fashions from her early years, and see how it has influenced us today.

1913: The “Edwardian” Era or the “Titanic” Era


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Gone were the days of tight corsets. A new era of elegance and class. Lace and furs. Hats and flowy dresses. A great time for fashion.

100 years later, we see so many of these trends working their way back into our lives. Maybe its the popularity of shows like Downton Abbey? Or maybe its just the fashion cycle at work. But look around you, and you will absolutely see Edwardian-inspired pieces in the stores, on the streets, and maybe even in your wardrobe.


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Ankle strap shoes…glamorous pearls…elegant handbags. I can’t say I’m opposed to some of these trends re-surfacing. And I think its a fitting way to wish Grand Central a Grand Centennial!

Here’s to another 100 years of fashion.



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