Totes Practical

Every girl needs one. And if it was socially acceptable, I’m sure guys would want one too. Who wouldn’t?! They are so convenient, so practical, and perfect for the commuter lifestyle.

Below are some of the totes I’ve been pining after…


Those are some beautiful bags. And some day I hope to own each and every one of them! But let’s be real. With labels like YSL and Prada, the cheapest tote up there is MAYBE $500. On my Manhattan budget, that’s not really an option. Alas, a girl can dream…

Back to reality for the rest of us. I put together some more affordable tote options here. Cute bags that won’t make for lighter wallets.


I think buying some of these fashionable, yet affordable totes makes much more sense. Think about what you are using it for: carrying laptops, iPads, books, even extra pairs of shoes. Heavy things. Lots of things. Back and forth every day. Naturally, there will be some wear and tear. And personally, I’d worry much less about wear and tear on a $60 bag, versus a $1000 bag! Am I right??

I recently bought the ‘Kelly & Katie’ bag on the top left from DSW. I must say, I’m really pleased with it.


It’s everything I am looking for in a tote:

  1. Fashionable
  2. Sturdy
  3. Big enough to fit everything…
  4. …but not too big that I bump into people when I walk or ride the subway
  5. Reasonably priced! (this one was $39.95)

And let’s be honest…if I hadn’t TOLD you it was under $40, you might never have guessed!

Our little secret…


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