Secret Spots

I love that one of the busiest cities in the world can still have pockets of seclusion. Secret spots that are privy to a few lucky locals. I only happened upon one of them on my search for a post office yesterday.

I had no idea where the closest post office was in my neighborhood, so I googled it and pulled up the map.


Easy enough.

I had no idea what that little street was. I had never seen it before. But it looked pretty self explanatory to get to. Manhattan is a grid after all.

I headed east on 40th Street, thinking I could access it from there. Nothing. Just tall buildings…okay….I’ll go around the corner to 1st Avenue!

I keep walking…package in hand…but as I walk along 1st Avenue, all I see are boarded up buildings with bars and padlocks. What the heck…

Okay that’s annoying. But it looks like I can access this mystery street from 42nd Street so I walk up the block.

I keep walking west on 42nd Street. I cannot seem find a single break in the buildings where this hidden street would exist! Is this a joke?!

Finally I head back down 2nd Avenue to try my luck at one last entry point. 41st Street. I walk east, past the construction, up the hill… and discover a hidden neighborhood. Tudor City Greens! I had no idea this was even here!

It was the cutest little spot. Elevated above the rest of the city, with views of the East River, the UN, and Long Island City. It had little shops, apartments, a park, and of course, my post office.


Tudor City Park. My new favorite spot. Its quaint, and probably even prettier in the spring, summer and fall. But what I couldn’t get over was how QUIET it was. Two blocks removed from the Queens/Midtown tunnel…one of the busiest funnels in and out of the city…and I couldn’t hear a peep. Silence. Perfect. My little break from the hustle and bustle below.

And to think I never would have found this place, if I had given up my search for the post office.

Some places just don’t want to be found…


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