The Freshest Ingredients

Good grocery stores are a dime a dozen in New York City. And the two near my apartment are mediocre at BEST. Good for necessities, terrible for produce, meh for everything else. It’s just a fact of life.

It kind of boggles my mind. How can a city, full of world-renowned chefs and Michelin star restaurants, have such a terrible selection of ingredients in its grocery stores?!

I like to cook, as difficult as it may be in my small Manhattan kitchen. So fortunately for me, I have found my answer to the grocery store conundrum:

The Grand Central Market. An oasis in the land of unfresh grocers.

I remember the first time I discovered it. I had lived here about three weeks, and was trying a different route out of the Grand Central labyrinth on my way home. And I just sort of ran right into it. Accidentally. Oh, and it was a sight for sore eyes! Not to mention a sensory overload. The confluence of smells, the palette of colors, and the wall-to-wall people speaking hundreds of languages.

Just when I thought I would never cook again…!



Now I go to the Grand Central Market regularly. Especially when Peter and I are in the mood to cook.

Like last night for example, when we decided to whip up some Shrimp and Grits from an Epicurious recipe I found.


The quality of the ingredients makes such a difference when you cook. So where better to look than at Grand Central Market?! They even had the tasso ham that the recipe called for…

And if you’re wondering…it was delicious.

No terrible neighborhood grocery store or small Manhattan kitchen will ever stop me from cooking, because I have a secret weapon: Grand Central Market.


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