Snow Day!

The weathermen were right. It came after all. More snow, just like we thought. Which is great…except for the fact that it’s March, and I am so over winter.

But Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care, so I woke up this morning to big white flurries, and a strong urge to stay in bed. Maybe I could work from home? Extend my weekend an extra day? Because the thought of making my commute to Connecticut was less than appealing.

Like I said in my last post, days like this make getting dressed in the morning a drag. All my cute new spring clothes have to stay on their hangers, as I delve through my drawers for something warm and comfy. These winter clothes feeling to me like house-guests that have overstayed their welcome.

I settled for my go-to “comfy-chic” outfit, inspired by this board:


The dreary day prevented me from bringing as much life to my outfit as I would have liked, but for now, I am OK with my comfy style on this snowy day…There’s always tomorrow.

And so I was off to Connecticut, where they inevitably have more snow than Manhattan. I will say, it sure is pretty out here…





…but I’d much rather be in bed with a cup of hot cocoa!

Happy Friday!


Sweater: The Limited (last season, similar here)  //  Leggings: Zara  //  Shoes: Sperry  //  Bag: Kelly & Katie  //  Bracelet: JCrew (only here now)  //  Watch: Marc Jacobs  //  Ring: family jeweler

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