Stamp of Approval

It’s an issue I’ve mentioned before: in a city with so many options, how does one choose?

Recommendations from friends? Yelp! reviews? Eye-catching exteriors?

What gives a restaurant it’s stamp of approval?

When the pressures on, and I really want to ‘wow’ an out-of-towner, I turn to Immaculate InfatuationNew York City’s best food critics (in my opinion).

Now, they aren’t food critics by trade…they are just regular old New Yorkers. New Yorkers that love food, and have made it their mission to give you honest reviews about this city’s dining locales. They write reviews I can relate to. A happy medium between the pretentious food snobs I can’t understand and the angry diners who only complain.

And they haven’t led me astray yet. (L’Artusi was one of their recommendations as well).

So when I read their review on PizzArte, a part Napoletana restaurant and part contemporary art gallery in Midtown, I knew I was in for a good meal.


via Yelp
From the very beginning, PizzArte gave off an authentic vibe. The closeness of the tables, the accents of the waiters, and the smells from the kitchen…it was exactly how I envisioned the look and feel of an upscale restaurant in Napoli.

It was already looking like Immaculate Infatuation had done it again, when the ultimate stamp of approval walked right by me on her way out the door.

Miss Giada De Laurentiis herself…

An iconic Italian American chef. The standard for Italian cooking. One who’s dishes I’ve tried to recreate in my own kitchen. Someone who knows Italian food.

There it was. Did I need a better stamp of approval??

Later that night I exchanged tweets with Giada:

After a delicious dining experience at PizzArte, I can see why its one of Giada’s favorite secret gems…

And thanks to Immaculate Infatuation, I was let in on the secret :-)


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