The Little Things

One short weekend together. Just a brief few days. This was my mom’s first visit since I moved to NYC and I was bursting with plans. There was so much to do in so little time. How do I begin to prioritize?

As I mentally planned the weekend, I filled our itinerary with some of the must-dos. Dine at trendy new restaurants, spend an afternoon shopping, catch a show on Broadway, grab a treat at Magnolia bakery…it was the makings of a great weekend.

We did all of that and more. We spoiled ourselves with some of the best food in NY, pampered ourselves at a neighborhood spa, shopped ‘til we dropped, and even found time to sneak in a Broadway show.

By Sunday we were spent. In the last few hours before my mom’s train, I decided to take her to one more New York establishment. Ess-a-bagel. The best bagels in the city. 

The deli was crowded, per usual, so my mom asked how far away Central Park was. She looked at me and asked, “How about we walk and eat there?” What a lovely idea. It was a beautiful day, so we headed to the park, lox and bagels in hand.


After the hustle and bustle of our busy weekend, it was the perfect note to end on. We sat on a park bench, ate our bagels and soaked up the serenity around us.



Central Park is truly an amazing place. An 843-acre oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. If it weren’t for the tall buildings peeking out above the perimeter, you would almost forget where you were.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the park. Among us were locals and tourists, runners and bikers, people picnic-ing and others absorbed in a book. It was finally Spring in Manhattan, and the park was alive.

On our walk we stumbled upon the Carousel. $3 for a ride. Without saying a word, as if we read each other’s minds, my mom and I hopped into line. She probably hadn’t taken me on a carousel ride in 20+ years.


Up and down we went on our horseys….around and around to the music. Laughing and singing along with the tunes. It was the simplest form of happiness.

During the ride, we glanced behind us to see a mom and her little girl. My mom turns to the lady and says, “Enjoy every minute of this, because before you know it, you’ll be taking your 25 year old daughter on the carousel…”

Life. It’s a blink. The years fly by, and before you know it you’re 25…or 54…or 82. What will you remember as you look back? The trendy restaurants? The big productions on Broadway? Maybe. But I like to think I’ll remember the little things. Simple memories that trigger those feelings of joy. The carousel ride. Bagels in the park. Of all the things we did last weekend, those were my favorite.

I want to savor the simple joy from that moment. From that Sunday. When I look back 20 years from now…that’s what I want to remember.


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