Geek Chic

These are my geek chic essentials…a wardrobe checklist inspired by current trends, and TV characters like Rachel Berry (Glee) and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl).


Being a ‘geek’ has never been cooler.

As a finance nerd…and someone who has spent countless hours studying in the library…this is a trend I can get on board with!

You can mix geek chic with whatever style you want. Overlaying your personal style while keeping your geek roots.

For my take on geek chic, you can find me where geek meets prep.


via Polyvore

I prefer polos to graphic tees, and headbands to hipster beanies. But my nose is almost always in a book, and I have an insatiable desire to learn. And of course, I wear glasses!




It wasn’t cool to be a nerd in my middle school days; but now, even rap stars and NBA players are embracing their inner geek.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t too.

Blazer: Banana Republic  //  Shirt: Banana Republic (similar here)  //  Pants: Ann Taylor (similar here)  //  Necklace: Fred Boutique (old, but loving this)  //  Bag: Coach (last season, but here’s a classic summer bag)  //  Ring: Forever 21  //  Glasses: Forever 21

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