Embracing the Maxi

I’m only 5’4…these dresses aren’t meant for shorties like me…the dress will drag on the ground…I’d have to wear heels or it would get ruined…it probably won’t even be flattering on me…

Excuses, excuses.

For the longest time I had resisted the “maxi trend”, and my rationale, like so many girls, sounded something like that.

But after months and months of skipping over the long flowy dresses on the racks, I finally grabbed one to try on.

As I tilted my head to the left and examined myself in the dressing room mirror, I thought: Maybe this isn’t too long…I guess I don’t need heels…ya okay, this is really comfy…how much does it cost? Okay fine, I’ll buy it.

My maxi drought was over. And I debuted my new purchase on a hot summer Sunday in SoHo, with this inspiration board as my guide.





It was a beautiful day in SoHo…but definitely on the warmer side. So I was glad to be wearing a light and airy dress as Peter and I shopped around.

By the end of the day I had gotten so many compliments on my dress, that I was ashamed to have ever been a nonbeliever!

Alright…alright…..I’ve officially changed my tune :)


Dress: Dor L’ Dor (similar here)  //  Necklace: boutique in Chicago (similar here)  //  Bag: Coach (a few seasons ago, loving this one though)  //  Sandals: Aldo  //  Sunglasses (Forever 21, but love these)  //  Watch: Marc Jacobs  //  Bracelet: Ily Couture

And if you like Peter’s classic look….

Polo: JCrew  //  Shorts: Banana Republic  //  Sunglasses: Banana Republic (similar to these Ray Bans)

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