Dots and Stripes, and Everything Nice!

Today I’m doing a little ‘mix and match mash up’… a ‘print party’ if you will…

To celebrate my one year anniversary of living in New York City, I thought I’d put together an outfit that I would never have had the courage, or creativity, to wear 365 days ago.


Mixing prints. Being bold. To me this has been one of the scariest trends to embrace. But once I evenutally worked up the courage, and got the hang of it … I couldn’t believe how much it expanded my wardrobe. The permutations are endless!

Take today’s outfit for instance. You’ve actually seen some of these wardrobe pieces before. The top I wore here, and the skirt I wore here. But by pairing them together, I’ve created an entirely new and fun look!




This conservative little Wisconsin girl would never had dreamed of pairing these items together a year ago. But as I’ve said time and time again, New York City has a not so subtle way of pushing me out of my comfort zone.

It took a year, but I’ve finally stopped fighting it!
Top: Forever 21  //  Skirt: The Limited (polyvore one here)  //  Shoes: Blanco (love these!)  //  Bag: Michael Kors (other colors here)  //  Necklace: boutique in Boston (love this classic set)  //  Watch: Michael Kors (similar here)  //  Bracelet: Lizzibeth

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