Every Week Can Be Fashion Week

For New Yorkers, the streets are our runways…the passersby, our audience…and each day is a new opportunity to show off our style to the bustling world.

Since fall has officially arrived, and the weather has begun to cool off, coats are coming out of hibernation. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coat weather. My short quilted jacket, long tailored trenches, and the occasional bold-colored pea coat are all anxiously awaiting their debut this season. But the downside of coat weather, in my opinion, is that you no longer get to show off what’s underneath.

Coats can hide your creativity – by very defitinion they are made to cover you up and keep you warm. So how do you combat this? How do you still let your individual sartorial aesthetic shine through?

For me, I focus on what does show. By directing my attention to things like a great shoe, intricate scarf, vibrant lip color, or fabulous bag, I can still differentiate myself amongst the sea of bundled masses.




Now that doesn’t mean I slack off with the rest of my outfit…but it does change my approach to getting dressed in the morning. I built my outfit around my favorite pair of brown boots, which recently came out of hibernation as well. And picked a fun purple, goldenrod, and yellow paisley scarf that would keep out the chill while also adding an extra splash of color.




The catwalk awaits…what will you be strutting in this fall?


Coat:  Zara (similar here and here)  //  Sweater: The Limited (similar here)  //  Jeans: Express (newer version here)  //  Boots: Aldo (love these)  //  Scarf: The Limited (gorgeous alternative)  //  Bag: Michael Kors

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  • Reply September 28, 2013

    Claudia Anderson Scimeca

    I love, love, love Fall!! And, I LOVE letting my “sartorial aesthetic” shine through!! Favorite vehicle to accomplish this??? BOOTS!!! #BOOM
    Great post!!!

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