Some Things Are Touristy for a Reason

In order for a destination to become popular, it needs to be worth visiting. Hundreds of thousands of people need to unilaterarally decide that something is worth their time (and money). Judging by the number of tourists in New York, I’d say we qualify out here.

New York has no shortage of touristy things to do, and as a still-relatively-new Manhattanite, I’ve made a point to check most of them out. I figure … it gives me a taste of what this city has to offer. And then I can play tour guide when all my friends come to visit :) 

Most of the tourist traps are quintissential New York icons … though most locals avoid them at all costs … including the Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial, Rockefeller Plaza, Time Square to name a few. And while some of these places make this particular local clausterphobic and annoyed, others are really worth the trip.

Two weekends ago, while Peter’s dad was in town for the marathon, we were looking for a Saturday activity. The weather was uncharacteristically warm, and the sky was a clear shade of blue, so we decided to head to the “Top of the Rock”, Rockefeller Center’s top floor observation deck. We fended off the crowds, purchased our tickets, and made our way to the top.


I instantly understood why this was such major attraction! The view was majestic, and it gave me a whole new perspective on how truly awesome New York is.

So my advice to you? Sometimes its okay to be a tourist in your own city. It shouldn’t just be reserved for vacations. In this case, the tourists were definitely on to something…..


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