Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down

My morning looked a little like this:

6:12 am … my alarm goes off.
6:21 am … it goes off again.
6:30 am … do I need to wash my hair today? Nah…

Sound familiar? Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but this is my internal conversation every morning. It’s worse on Mondays. Even worse on rainy days. And the worst on rainy Mondays.

My bed is so warm … outside is too cold … or wet … or dreary … or {enter excuse here}.

It doesn’t HAVE to be that way though. You only get cold, wet and miserable if you don’t dress appropriately {I sound like my mother...}. But by investing in a good umbrella, nice rain boots, and a warm trench, you can weather any rainy day {in style}!

rainy day

The last few days in New York have required just that. Coach rain boots? check. Banana Republic trench? check. Umbrella … scarf … gloves … check! This is my take on rainy day chic.

image (2)

image (5)

image (4)

image (3)

Rainy days and Mondays aren’t gonna get me down.


Trench coat: Banana Republic (just adore this)  //  Pants: Zara (similar)  //  Rain Boots: Coach (wanting these)  //  Scarf: gift (love this)  //  Bag: C Wonder  //  Umbrella: street vendor (because why not)

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