A New Yorker’s Fairy Godmother

When you’re living in a New York City apartment, closet space is a luxury. Spacious walk-in closets filled with glamorous dresses, rows of high heels, and a sit-down vanity, are far from most people’s realities. More often than not, your closet was the architect’s afterthought, built with enough space for one season’s worth of clothes … leaving you to find creative storage for the rest.

For those of us who love to shop … this is a mild form of torture. Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, surrounded by designers’ finest works, when there’s no room for your purchases … what a cruel joke.

The solution, to me, is simple. Buy the staples, the everyday wear, and rent the rest. Fill your tiny wardrobe with the most practical choices, and borrow the fancy dresses from Rent the Runway‘s much more spacious closet. At least until you can afford a ‘big girl’ closet of your own.

Earlier this month my friend Kelly and I got a glimpse of all RTR has to offer, at their Girl’s Night Out event in the 5th Avenue showroom. We sipped on champagne and browsed the racks, swooning over gowns we couldn’t afford ourselves. Not yet anyway…







The showroom was BEAUTIFUL … and filled with dresses (and jewelry) for every occassion. Designer looks for holiday parties and new year’s soirees … or wedding celebrations and black-tie galas. Dresses few twenty-somethings could rationalize buying, can easily be rented for the weekend. Saving $$ and space, while still looking fabulous! How practical!

So next time I find myself pining after Kate Spade, Vera Wang, or Diane von Ferstenberg, with no money in my wallet or room in my wardrobe … I will be turning to Rent the Runway … my new fairy godmother with one killer closet!!


PS — shout out to Miss Brittany Townsley, of the F-Bombs, for introducing me to RTR. She looked fabulous for every wedding she went to this year! Ladies, you can too!!! XO.

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