New Year’s Eve Glam

New Years Eve in New York. The most fabulous night of the year. It’s hard enough to decide what to wear on a normal day, so you can imagine the pressure of getting dressed for the most glamorous of nights.

Visions of sparkles and sequins danced my head … but I looked in my closet and found nothing.

When I’m at a loss for what to wear around the holidays, I find myself reaching for black. Whether its a little black dress, or a chic black top, you can’t really go wrong! Black is timeless, and can be the perfect backdrop for some bolder jewelry choices.

It’s settled. Taking a classic outfit and jazzing it up with some gems is my plan this NYE. So I turned to my dear friend Lizzi, of Lizzibeth for some help styling! I had a blast browsing her showroom … playing dress up while sipping on some bubbly. A fashionista’s dream.

Here are some of my fab finds:


Shirts #1 and #2  //  Necklaces #1 (brand new — stay tuned!), #2, #3 and #4  //  Bracelets #1, #2, #3 and #4

A major thank you to Lizzi, for letting me play in the Lizzibeth closet for an afternoon. I had so much fun, left with a bag full of goodies, and feel ready to take on my second New York New Year’s!

(Yes I know what you’re thinking. “Elena, you bought jewelry?!? But the shopping ban…!” Well let’s just say I’ve broken that ban at least a dozen times already. No need to remind me of my failures.)

All of these gems and more can be found on And for a sneak peek at her Milwaukee showroom, here’s a few more pics:

Happy New Year everyone!



  • Reply December 30, 2013

    Brittany Townsley

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You both are fabulous!! xoxo

  • Reply December 30, 2013

    Amanda O'Brien

    Um can I go to the Lizzibeth showroom and leave with a bag full of goodies? Fun!

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