The Best (and Worst) from Last Night’s Golden Globes

2014. Another year, another red carpet season. Another opportunity to swoon over the Belle’s of the ball, and rag on the rest. A chance for us all to play “Fashion Police” for the night. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for us at home, there was a lot more dress bashing than years past. I managed to scrape together a Top 5 Best Dressed list for last night’s Golden Globes … but had to cut off the Worst Dressed after 10.

Let’s start it off with the ladies that nailed it last night:

Top 5 Best Dressed


Neutrals, neutrals neutrals! These women looked absolutely stunning in these pale hues. They didn’t need bright colors, or bold makeup to standout. Naturally beautiful from head to toe.


Plunging necklines. Props to you, ladies. I know I could never have pulled it off. Kate and Amy were the perfect mix of elegant and sexy. Leaving little to the imagination in some areas, and tastefully covering up the rest.


Kate Beckinsale just rocked the red carpet in my opinion. She was my Best Dressed of the Night. She was radiant in her sparkly metallic dress, with a bodice that fit her impeccably.

Top 10 Worst Dressed


Florals…Don’t get me wrong. Florals can be done right. But these dresses gave me flashbacks to high school homecomings, cerca 2002. I was really disappointed, because I expected more from Zoe Saldana. Afterall, she was one of my Best Dressed from last year‘s Oscars.


…and more florals. No…just no. Luckily Tina Fey redeemed herself with a few other wardrobe changes that night. But Drew, you are so radiant and beautiful with your baby pump!! Yet, your dress kinda looked like an old lady’s swim cap…


Solids. Not always a bad choice. I just think, if you’re going to commit to one color, maybe tone down the amount of fabric. That was a little too much yellow for me, Lena. And a little too much ruffle, Paula.
It kinda looked like Paula was carrying a blanket over her shoulder…


Greasy hair look. I was not feeling the hair on either of these two. And I LOVE Hayden, so that was a major disappointment. Their dresses left a lot to be desired as well. On one end of the spectrum you had Hayden’s dress, which was channeling the necklines from my highschool past, and on the other end was Elisabeth, with her space-era gothic print.


Frumpy Frocks. These shapeless dresses did nothing for me. Both Emma and Zooey have great bodies, and they were hidden under these boxy garments. Props for being conservative, but it could have been done in a more feminine way.


Whether you love or abhor my red carpet break down … you have to at least agree that awards season is a lot of fun. I love lounging on my couch (normally with a glass of wine and chinese takeout) swooning after those in couture, and dreaming of an excuse to wear it.

Every year I make a concerted effort to see all the nominated movies, and the Golden Globes serves as my first check point. So right now, I have about six movies left to see before the Oscars on March 2nd. Looks like there will be lots of movie nights in my future!

Did you enjoy the Golden Globes last night? Who made your best and worst dressed lists?

*My red carpet photos were found on HuffPost*


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