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Anyone else have a coat in their closet that they’ve owned for a few years? For me, its this black peacoat from H&M. I got it almost four years ago, and I just love how it fits. The A-Line cut with the belt is what initially got me to try it on. It has a feminine feel and can be worn well over a dress on a night out, but can just as easily be paired with jeans for a casual day of running around.

After a 4 year fling with this coat, I was reluctantly thinking it was time for an upgrade.  I’d worn it everywhere, the buttons kept falling off, and it looked like the color was starting to fade. I wanted something newer … something fresh … but that fit the same way. After months of searching for a suitable replacement, I came up short. Too expensive … didn’t fit right … didn’t like this … didn’t like that. Plenty of excuses for not pulling the trigger. And that’s when I had an idea!

I wanted the feel of a new coat, but not necessarily a new coat. Changing out the buttons and the buckle would give this coat the makeover it needed! So I headed over to the Garment District to see what I could find.

First of all, I couldn’t BELIEVE how many options I had. There were entire blocks lined with button stores. BUTTON STORES! Who knew … I decided to pop into C&C Button, and quickly became further overwhelmed with my choices. Buttons of all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices lined the walls. I went in with a game plan — shiny gold buttons — and narrowed it down slowly once I got there. I brought my coat with me, so I was able to hold up different options to the fabric, to get an idea for how the final product might look. In the end — I found the perfect buttons.

02 (640)

01 (640)

Initially, my (overzealous) plan was to sew on all 14 buttons and the new buckle myself. I even bought thread and a needle. My grandmother was a professional seamstress afterall … I could sew on a few buttons! In hindsight, this was probably doable, but in the end I left it up to the professionals. I had the folks at my local dry cleaner fix it up for me, and $50 later I had a newly cleaned coat with shiny new buttons.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to breathe some life into their tried and true wardrobe pieces. Coats, blazers, even sweaters could take on a whole knew personality with a quick button switch.

Hopefully this means I’ll get another four years outa this one…



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    Next week can we get a post about to freshen up your favorite pair of Jorts?

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