Dressing the Man in Your Life

The men in your life — whether boyfriend, husband, or even your brother — could probably use some sartorial aid.

In other words: they need fashion help … or at least a nudge in the right direction. Sure, he might have a pair of J.Crew chinos, or maybe even some Cole Haan loafers … but that ratty pair of jeans he always wears? Or those ill-fitting pleated khakis? Those definitely need to go.

For men, it used to be that looking sharp meant shelling out some serious dollars … but the fashion world has changed immensely since companies like Bonobos, Suit Supply, Gilt Groupe, and others have made great clothes affordable for everyone.

So at the very least, ladies, it’s our job to make sure our men know how to dress up when it’s time for that special evening — say, Valentine’s Day.

If you really want to help him, it has to seem natural. Match the style upgrade to his personality.

A traditional guy who lives in jeans and doesn’t want to “look like his grandfather at a wedding” could get behind a well-fitting gray suit … like this Lightweight Italian Wool Suit from Bonobos’ Foundation Line. Match it with a gingham shirt and skinny tie and you have the makings of a classic look, with a modern flair.

Bonobos - The Foundation - Lightweight Italian Wool - Grey

More outgoing? A little more adventurous? How about this Charcoal Windowpane Suit from Bonobos’ Foundation Slim Line? The windowpane suit is back thanks to some European influences and its retro feel. Gray has joined black and blue as staples in every bespoken man’s closet, and this suit in particular adds a little playfulness to the look.

Bonobos - The Foundation Slim - Lightweight Italian Wool - Charcoal Windowpane

For the man who hates to wear a suit, ditch the coat and suggest a vest (I’m totally digging this charcoal one from Bonobos). A loud, colored check with a neutral tie keeps your man on his ‘suit and tie’ game without the whole suit. On less fancy occasions, trade the slacks for jeans and he can rock the vest with boots.

Bonobos -The Foundation Suit Vest - Charcoal

What about the man who has everything? The outspoken, fashion-conscious man who seems to have it all figured out? Push the boundaries a little. Go southern with a tailored-fit seersucker suit. It’s not just for the Kentucky Derby anymore. You’ll have the best-looking man on your arm at any beach party, summer picnic, or spring night on the town.

Bonobos - Seersucker Suit

And the best part? He can’t complain that it’s too expensive to look nice! None of these looks will cost you more than $800 at Bonobos.

Sure, we all know what they might say — “I could go to Joseph A. Bank and get three suits for that price!” — Yes honey, but they’ll fall apart in two years, will look cheap, and then you’ll refuse to wear them.

So help him find the look you can be proud of, while also making sure he’s comfortable in what he’s wearing. You already like him the way he is … now he’ll just be nicer to look at ;-)

And now, no matter what he gives you for Valentine’s Day, you’ll have the best candy around: arm candy.


Thank you, Bonobos, for collaborating on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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