Accessorizing for Valentine’s Day

Romance defines Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday dedicated to love. When I think of romance, I think of elegance. With that in mind, I took to my jewelry collection and started brainstorming the perfect accessories for tomorrow. I know I want the “pop of red” to come from my dress, so my jewelry and shoes are going to be more understated, but classy. I’m thinking pearls, crystals, and gold…

JCrew and Ily Couture Jewelry

Lizzibeth Crystal Jewelry

Lizzibeth and Ily Couture Jewelry, Aldo Shoes and Clutch

Whether you’re sharing the day with your other half, or spending it with your closest girlfriends, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to dress up and celebrate love. Love for your family … love for your friends … love for that special someone … and love for yourself!

So adorn yourself with something sparkly tomorrow. I know I will…



Pearl Necklace :: JCrew (newer version)
Pearl Bracelets :: Aldo (similar)
Crystal Bracelet :: Ily Couture
Ring :: Paul’s Jewelers (similar)
Crystal Necklace :: Lizzibeth
Clutch :: Aldo
Heels :: Aldo (on sale!)

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