Next Stop? Vegas Please.

In two days I will be sitting poolside in Vegas, soaking up some 80 degree rays. Eeeeek! Words cannot describe my excitement. But there’s so much to be done before I hop on that plane … like packing.

I think the actual act of packing is one of the most onerous tasks there is. What will I want to wear? What will the temperature be like? What if I don’t like what I brought? Shouldn’t I have options? I end up waiting until the last minute, laying out way too many outfits and struggling to narrow it down. Without fail.

So this trip, I’m planning ahead. I’ve started a mental checklist a full two days in advance! Here is a vision of what I’d like to bring along…

A New York Love Affair1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Luckily, the majority of my time will be spent in a bikini. That’s simple! But what about the rest of my trip?  For the days, I just plan on bringing along a few sundresses. They are easy to throw on over a suit, but are also great for wandering around the strip. Evenings are when it gets a little tricky. Dresses? Pants? Will it be cold at night? How dressy should I be? I decided that I don’t need to know the answers to those questions. I can bring a little bit of everything. The key is to pick items that can be used for multiple combinations, and to stick to the same color scheme. Like black with gold. That way I can mix and match pieces when I get there based on my mood, the weather, and the occassion!

I’m hoping this plan makes packing a bit more seamless this go around. But let’s be honest, my back up plan can always be shopping when I get there…


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