A Touch of Extra Virgin

Ships passing in the night. That pretty much sums up my relationship with Peter. When your boyfriend works 6 pm – 2 am Thursday through Monday, it most definitely feels that way at least.

Working opposite schedules means date nights are a rarity. They almost always fall on random week nights, and more often than not entail staying in and watching True Detective. But sometimes, when we’re in the mood to be fancy, we get dressed up and check a new restaurant off our list.

Our most recent date was at Extra Virgin, a gem of a spot found in the West Village, known for its Mediterrean flavors and high quality fish. We got a cute table in the corner, looking out a condensation covered window. Since we tend to have a difficult time narrowing down our choices, we did what we always do — pick a bunch of starters and entrees, and split everything!


Tuna Tartar Tart
Avocado puree, snow pea sprouts, cucumber, radish, mango salsa, pickled jalepeno

A New York Love Affair

This cold appetizer was a delicious starter, plated much like a fancy tostada. The puff pastry base was crunchy and flaky, a nice contrast to the tender, melt-in-your mouth tuna.

Lobster Tortellini
White asparagus, slow roasted tomato sauce, sauteed spinach, basil puree

A New York Love Affair

This course tasted much better than it photographed. But you can’t really mess up lobster and pasta, can you? It was fairly light as far as tortellinis go. The sauce was nice balance of tomato and basil flavors, and there was plenty of lobster in each bite.

Slow Roasterd Monkfish
Sweet corn and rock shrump chowder, smoked bacon, leeks, sweet potato, tarragon

A New York Love Affair

In keeping with the fish theme, we chose this as our second entree. The chowder was so flavor-packed, a smokey yet sweet chowder that I could have slurped clean. The fish had a crisp crust but flaky center, and tasted delicious when drenched in the chowder.

Warm Apple Tart
Sour cream ice cream, toasted pecans, Jack Daniels caramel sauce

A New York Love Affair

I haven’t met an apple dessert I didn’t like, but this one was definitely a top contender. The puff pastry was softened a little from the caramel and apple’s moisture, making it easy to cut into. The dessert was the perfect blend of tart from the apples and sweet from the caramel, topped with a little crunch from the pecans.


When you don’t get to spend many date nights together, you have to maximize your opportunities. It’s why we use Immaculate Infatuation to find great spots so we don’t waste our time. Immaculate didn’t let us down. Extra Virgin combines  a great vibe with terrific, unique food offerings. Not pictured, but the drinks they made were also excellent. In a sea of restaurant options, it’s nice to find a place unconcerned about pretension, preferring instead to deliver great food. Another successful date night.


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