A Milwaukee Love Affair ~ Molly Rasmussen

New York stole my heart and probably definitely won’t give it back. But I’m not the only one with a love affair, and Manhattan isn’t the only eligible bachelor. There are so many cities out there that have charmed their way into our lives, and who better to talk about these cities than the bloggers that call them home?

For my first ‘Love Affair’ blogger spotlight, I’m going back to my roots. A city I still call home, but don’t see nearly enough – Milwaukee. One of my favorite bloggers also calls this home, and I’m excited to share her love story with you.

Readers … meet Molly Rasmussen, of Heart of a Blonde.

Heart of a Blonde

When did you start Heart of a Blonde and what made you decide to start it?
I started my blog about three years ago! I began it when I felt a void in my life mid-college and needed a fun outlet to put my energy into. I’ve loved developing my writing voice over the last few years and I’m glad I took the plunge into blogging when I did.

How would you describe your blog, and what can readers expect to see when they visit?
I would say my blog is about 70% personal style, 30% lifestyle (which is anything from travel to food to daily life). You can also expect to find very honest, candid, and sometimes sarcastic writing!

Heart of a Blonde

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
I find inspiration in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes it’s something  I see or witness as I go throughout my day. Sometimes it’s an inspiration from other bloggers, and sometimes I find inspiration in my friends and family. Inspiration is everywhere when you train yourself to look for it!

What is your favorite part about being a blogger in Milwaukee?
I think my favorite part is that there’s really not a huge competitive blogging market here. Most bloggers in the city are very down to earth and supportive of one another. Milwaukee tends to be slow to adapting to trends, so being a blogger here is not commonplace. It’s a unique role to have, and most people are genuinely intrigued by what I do!

Heart of a Blonde

What is the best part of Milwaukee – something that might surprise people who have never been?
The food culture here is actually incredible! And it really goes beyond brats, sausage, and cheese. There are constantly new incredible restaurants popping up around the city that, in my opinion, could impress even visitors from much larger cities.

How would you describe the style and character of Milwaukee, and how has that influenced your blogging?
The style here is very, very laid-back, as is the character of the city. Most buildings and infrastructure here are not overly fancy, which gives the city a very approachable feel to it. It has definitely influenced my style, in particular in that I’m right at home in my favorite pair of skinny jeans, kicks, and a favorite top, but dressing up once in awhile is typically not weird either.

Heart of a Blonde

Describe your perfect date night – where would you eat and what would you wear?
I have two approaches when it comes to dates! The first girl in me would wear white converses, cut-off jeans, and a loose tee for a really casual date  – a long walk, picnic in the park or at the beach, and ice cream to top it off. The other part of me would wear classic black pumps, tailored skinny jeans, and a silk blouse for a classy dinner date. I love the ability to change things up now and then.

If someone were to visit Milwaukee for a weekend this summer, what are some things they absolutely must do?
Must do’s:  Bradford Beach and ice cream at NorthPoint Custard, tacos and margaritas at Bel Air, the Lakefront Brewery Tour, kayak on the Milwaukee River, brunch at Trocadero on the patio, and Summerfest if you’re in town during the 11 days!

Heart of a Blonde

Where are your favorite places to shop? And with your closet on full display, how do you fight the urge to keep buying new things?
Locally, I love shopping Lizzibeth, but I have to admit that the majority of my shopping is done at TJMaxx, Gap, JCrew, and Forever 21. I definitely have the urge to buy clothes all the time, but at this point in my life, I’m on a very tight budget (side-eyeing you, student loans). Because of that, all my spending money for the month must include eating out, shopping, and anything else I want to do for fun. Many times, it’s simply a matter of deciding to spend my money on a fun dinner with my fiance or friends, over a new shirt.

Do you have any advice for girls interested in starting a fashion/lifestyle blog of their own?
More than anything, be yourself. The blogging world is becoming increasingly mature, and you won’t grow a blog without developing your own unique voice and stance on something you’re passionate about. There’s room for everyone, just not clones of anyone! It’s more fun anyways when you stick to your gut! :)

Heart of a Blonde

A major thank you to Molly for sharing the scoop on style, blogging, and life in MKE. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, do it now! She’s a beautiful, down-to-earth gal, who’s been such an inspiration to me as a blogger — I know you’ll love following along as much as I do.

Alright ladies (and gents), what city do we want to hear from next?


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