Wantable Box ~ May

Delivery day! With summer fast approaching, Wantable filled my latest shipment with some bright accessories. To be quite honest, this wasn’t my FAVORITE box so far … but there were still at least three pieces I could get on board with. In some ways, the Marc Jacobs quote that came with this month’s box offered a hint of foreshadowing …

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.  – Marc Jacobs

Let’s dive in to this month’s interesting box…



With this batch of jewelry, Wantable seemed to dabble in different metallic finishes – from deep coppers and dirty golds, to the more delicate soft gold finish. I tend to be more of a “classic gold” girl, so this was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. But here’s how I plan to incorporate these accessories into my daily look:

Summer Necklace – $24 – What a beautiful piece! I’ve been really into mint for this spring. I love this with a black top and some funky patterned crops/shorts. Mint can add a light, fresh, and subtle pop of color to any look.

Christine Watch – $29 – To be completely honest, I don’t love this item. I’m not sure if its the shape, or the color (or both), but its not something I would normally wear. That said, I think it would be best styled with pastels. The rosy color of this watch would be a great alternative to silver accessories for any mint or pale pink outfits.

Sienna Bracelet – $21 – Again, not something I would probably be drawn to in the store, but this piece is growing on me. Its tribal feel would go great with a solid color maxi dress and a bold lip. Pair it with any color from its rainbow selection – more than six colors to choose from.

Myra Ring – $14 – Really loving this delicate stacked ring. It adds some depth and interest to your hand, while still remaining understated. I’d wear this on my left hand, along with my favorite gold watch and some stacked gold bracelets. Don’t leave your hand out of the arm party!

Not every box is going to be spot on — but isn’t that part of the fun? Wantable helps me pick out the things I might not have the time to buy, the courage to buy, or the foresight to buy! Then it’s my job to stylize.

How would you style this box?



  • Reply May 13, 2014


    Eeek that watch! Not my taste either – Woof!

  • Reply May 13, 2014


    Haha Chelsey! I agree! Def not great but I’m with you Ley… The rainbow bracelet is growing on me! You could rock that!

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