Memorial Day Essentials

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but before every trip I make a checklist. I write it out with a pen and paper down to the tiniest detail, and then check off everything as I pack it.

This Memorial Day, whether you plan on sitting by the pool, laying in the park, or basking by the beach … your long weekend should be relaxing and full of sun. I hope to spend my weekend soaking up some rays about an hour away on Long Beach. It may only be a short trip, but I still made a checklist!

A New York Love Affair: Memorial Day Essentials

  1. Water Bottle:  If you’re going to be in the sun all day, and especially if you’re going to have a cocktail or two, you’re going to need to stay hydrated!
  2. Sunscreen:  The foolish days of tanning oil are over. You can still get a tan with sunscreen, and you’ll protect yourself from unwanted wrinkles down the road.
  3. Swimsuit (bottoms):  One of the most essential things to pack! I love mix-and-matching my swimsuit bottoms and tops. It keeps your swimwear collection feeling fresh and new. Target is always a great source for the basics.
  4. Swimsuit (top):  I’m a huge fan of the “less-tan-lines-the-better” approach. Wearing a strapless top, or taking your straps down while tanning is a great way to avoid those annoying lines.
  5. Sandals:  Obviously you need sandals to show off your newly pedicured toes! These Tory Burch ones are particularly adorable, and the neutral color can go with any suit you choose to pack.
  6. Towel:  Whether its being used to reserve your beach chair or mark your spot on the sand, your beach towel is a necessity. It’s a way of marking your territory, or staking your claim. Better make sure its a cute one!
  7. Beach Bag:  Can’t leave home without it – it’s what’s carrying everything on your check list after all. I love this C Wonder bag in particular because of its texture. Rather than having a canvas bag that could get wet or dirty, I prefer a straw bag that is sturdy and easy to clean!
  8. Deck of Cards:  You never know when this could come in handy. Having a deck of cards is an instant crowd-pleaser. Time for drinking games? You’re all set.
  9. Sunglasses:  No one likes the “raccoon eyes” look that happens when you tan with sunglasses on, but its still important to have them for the rest of your time in the sun! I have everything from $2 Forever 21 sunglasses, to expensive Raybans. Right now I’m currently coveting these tortoise-shell Karen Walker shades.

That’s everything in my beach bag! What are you planning for the long weekend? And more important — what’s on your check list?


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