Remembering to Dress for Me

After almost four years, I still stress about what I’m going to wear before a date with Peter. We see each other every day, and therefore he’s seen almost every item of clothing I own. And even after all that, I still want to throw something new and exciting together on special occasions. Normally that means it’s something I’m just taking the tag off of … but that’s neither here nor there.

The question is why? I know I’m not alone. So why, as girls, do we put such a high priority on the perfect outfit? Are we doing it for the boy? Ourselves…? Or whom?

For me I think it might be a combination, but sadly not for the right reasons.

Sure, I want my excitement for the outfit to match my excitement for the occasion. A special night deserves a step-up from my day-to-day garb. That’s a personal preference. I’m doing that for me.

There’s also a part of me that wants to still look cute for Peter. I don’t necessarily need to keep buying new outfits to do that, but it is still a fun way to keep things fresh and exciting.

But let’s be honest – there’s this entire part of my mind that dresses for everyone else. I’m not proud of it. I’m thinking about how this outfit will photograph on the blog, or if I’ve worn this outfit in a post before. And I’m not alone, we all do it. Try and tell me that some nights, before you even walk out of that door, you’re not already thinking about the Instagram photos you’re going to post in said outfit.

When did we stop dressing for ourselves?? And start dressing for everyone else. As a style blogger, I struggle with this a lot. I need to remember to pick outfits that make ME happy, and express my style the way I see fit. Not what I think everyone else wants to see.

So this past date night, I dressed for me. Peter and I went out to celebrate my new job (yaaaay!) and I dressed in an outfit I was excited about. For me.

A New York Love Affair :: Grand Central NYC

A New York Love Affair :: Grand Central NYC

A New York Love Affair :: Grand Central NYC

A New York Love Affair :: Grand Central NYC

A New York Love Affair :: Grand Central NYC

A New York Love Affair :: Grand Central NYC

Yes the Instagrams turned out great, and yes I ended up blogging about it … but that’s not what this was about. It was about feeling confident and fabulous in an outfit that made me happy.


Dress :: Banana Republic (similar)
Necklace :: Francesca’s (similar)
Bag :: Michael Kors
Shoes :: Franco Sarto (adorable alternative)
Bracelet :: JCrew
Watch :: Marc Jacobs
Earrings :: Lizzibeth


  • Reply July 17, 2014


    Elena I completely agree with you. After 15 years I still dress for Tony for sure. There’s still nothing like getting a sincerely appreciative complement on how you look by the person who means the most to you. But, if I’m going to be considered completely honest, there is a part of me that is dressing for others… I don’t like to think that I’m that “shallow” or so needy of approval but…

    So it probably turns out to be a combination of incentives…we dress in part to make us happy and in part to make a significant other happy and in part to attract the appreciative eye of others. And is that such a bad thing? Maybe I’m justifying my position here but, I think it’s normal and, more importantly, okay.

    Thanks for a great and thought provoking post!!


    • Reply July 20, 2014

      Elena Michelle

      I completely agree, Claudia! I think having a combination of incentives is important AND okay. As long as remembering to dress for yourself is in the mix. Thanks for the note, and thanks for reading! XO

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