Friday Fancies ~ Head Over Heels

However impractical high heels may be in a city like New York, it hasn’t stopped me from buying them. If SJP can do it, I can too. Peter even tried instituting a ‘one pair in, one pair out’ rule at one point … you can imagine that lasted about 6 minutes.

I don’t quite know what it is about heels, but when I slip them on I transform a little. I feel instantly sexy, regardless of what else I have on. My posture improves, my legs look toned and longer, even my tush looks better. The right pair of shoes can create a knock-out silhouette, and that’s a game changer. Which is why I have about 50-pairs-too-many in my closet.

So naturally, I’m looking to add to my burgeoning collection. Here’s a selection of some of my current favorites:

A New York Love Affair :: Shoe Fetish

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Clearly there are a few trends I’m drawn to lately. Color blocking, particularly in neutral tones. Keeping the colors classic allows you cross-over from work to play, and I think the two-tone design adds more interest to each shoe’s design. Ankle straps. I just find them to be so elegant and chic! They dress up the foot a little bit, almost like an accessory for your shoe. Cut-out booties. As someone who has short legs, I love this new trend. By showing a little more skin, the cut-outs allow me to wear booties without making my legs look stumpy. Snakeskin. I don’t think this is a trend I’m just drawn to lately. Of all the animal prints, snakeskin feels the most sophisticated to me. Honestly, I treat snakeskin like a neutral these days, and pair it with everything.

Are you head over heels? What shoe trends are you digging lately? Happy Friday!

I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. – Marilyn Monroe



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