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In over a year and a half of blogging, I’ve never once done a trend rundown. What kind of fashion blogger am I?! And since it’s the Friday before a long weekend, I thought this would be a fun change of pace.

So let’s talk trends. What’s hot? What’s not…

A New York Love Affair :: Trend Report

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Jumpsuits ~ Not gonna lie … I dig them. A simple jumpsuit paired with a sexy stiletto and a structured blazer would be the perfect date night outfit. The problem is finding one that fits! Maybe it’s not in the cards for me. I think I’m about 4 inches too short. BUT that won’t stop me from looking.

Distressed Skinnies ~ I’m having flashbacks to my high school days … a time when I’d pay a higher price to buy the jeans with holes in them. My grandma never understood… I’m okay with this making a comeback though. I really love the idea of dressing up an edgier look – like wearing high heels with my distressed jeans, a screen tee, and a leather jacket.

Lace Shorts ~ Sorry, but this is a bandwagon I haven’t jumped on. I think you need to have legs for days in order to make these work. When I try them on, they look like pajamas. To the ladies that can successfully rock them — get it girl!

Panama Hat ~ Love love love this trend. I think it’s such a fun accessory to almost any outfit. Heading to the beach? Perfect. Just running some errands? Great. Wanting to dress down your look a little? Throw one on! They look great on almost everyone.

Crop Tops ~ Bare bellies are making a comeback. This is when I start to feel old … when I’m seeing trends from my lifetime repeat. The only difference? The section of skin being revealed is above not below the belly button. Crop tops seem to be coming in all shapes and sizes. Personally, I have a “less is more” mentality when it comes to my adoption of this trend. I’m drawn to a more conservative crop, paired with higher-waisted bottoms. A situation where minimal skin is shared with the world.

Boyfriend Jeans ~ Another trend I’m on the fence about. I just think if you’re short or you’ve got some curves, it’s more difficult to find a flattering pair. The tall girls that can wear the lace shorts? This one’s for you. IF I could rock this trend, I’d definitely feminize the look with some heels and a fitted top.

Midi Skirt ~ I’m loving this trend right now. I think it’s so feminine and classy. That said, it’s important to find the right length for you. Too long, and it’ll make your legs look stumpy. Too short, and it’s not really a midi anymore. I just bought my first midi, and I’m already envisioning all the ways I will wear it. Midi + crop top? Perfect for a night out. Midi + screen tee? A fun and edgy casual look. The options are endless.

So which of these trends are you loving? Any you can’t quite get on board with? What trends did I miss? Leave it all in the comments section. And have a great Labor Day!


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  • Reply September 2, 2014


    Since I got my boyfriend jeans I can’t wear anything else. They look good with almost everything and feel so comfortable. Also in love with the jumpsuit trend. It’s really easy to wear and you just have to put on a great pair of shoes and jewellery.


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