A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

In Los Angeles, the only thing more beautiful than the weather is the people. Actors, musicians, models, and the people aspiring to be any and all of the above, all congregating under sunshine and palm trees. But that’s not all LA has to offer, it’s just how we picture it.

So, here to give us the real scoop is one of LA’s very own beautiful people – Danielle Cheever of Envision Pretty!

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

When did you start Envision Pretty, and what made you decide to start it?
I started blogging when I moved to Indianapolis to live with my then-boyfriend, now-fiancé. I worked from home and we didn’t have many friends. I missed having girlfriends around to talk about fashion, home decor, and to share recipes with. I started my blog without telling anyone, as a creative outlet, and it was so fun to allow myself the time to write and share my ideas. It was a space where I talked about what I loved (fashion, home decor, food, DIY projects, etc.), similarly to what I would share with my girlfriends.

When I began to receive comments and compliments on my blog from readers online, it gave me the confidence to share my secret pastime with more people. That’s when I began really experiencing the amazing community that are my readers! The most rewarding part about blogging is identifying and connecting with other women who have similar interests. There are so many bloggers out there that inspire me daily and I hope to do the same for my readers. I hope to give them courage to try something new; whether it be a style trend, recipe or DIY project,

How would you describe your blog, and what can readers expect to see when they visit?
My blog is a personal style and “extras” blog. I mostly focus on fashion, but also have recipe ideas, decor inspiration, beauty and DIY posts sprinkled in. New readers can expect a mix of personal style photos, decor inspiration, easy-to-follow recipes and a few cameos of my sweet dogs. I am recently engaged, so readers can also expect to see some details of my wedding planning process in the upcoming months.

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
I find inspiration from my everyday life. In many of my style posts, I simply share what I love to wear. I also love to try new trends and put my own spin on them. LA street style inspires me with its cool, eclectic, laid-back vibe. I try to take what I see on the street and infuse it into my own looks. Magazines and other bloggers are also a big source of inspiration. There are so many stylish and creative women out there!

What is your favorite part about being a blogger in LA?
The community is amazing. I am so lucky to live in a large city where there are tons of events as well.

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

What is the best part of LA – something that might surprise people who have never been?
I think it has to be the weather. There is never a day I don’t jump out of bed ready to conquer the world, because the sun is shining and I don’t want to waste a minute!

How would you describe the style and character of LA, and how has that influenced your blogging?
LA is so chill and laid back. I am naturally a more formal person. I like to dress up and feel buttoned up; from my heels to my makeup and hair. LA style has helped me add a little edge to my wardrobe and just be a more laid-back person in general. There is an effortlessness I still have to master, though.

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

Describe your perfect date night – where would you eat and what would you wear?
Oh my goodness, date night is really my favorite. My fiancé and I are both big foodies! I would have to say a leisurely tapas dinner would be the best. I love small plates – I get to sample so many different items. There would also be tons of wine. I would wear my go-to look, a feminine dress and some form of wedge or heel.

If someone were to visit Los Angeles for a weekend over the summer, what are some things they absolutely must do?
LA has endless options for a summer in the sun. First and foremost, the beach is essential. Head down to Hermosa and walk the boardwalk, then go lay in the sand and get some sun. In Malibu, head up to Malibu Family Wines on a Saturday for live music, wine by the bottle, and don’t forget to BYO food! Lot’s of cheese and crackers and fruit! Hit Montana Ave in Santa Monica for some fantastic shopping, and maybe a celebrity sighting.

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

Where are your favorite places to shop? And with your closet on full display, how do you fight the urge to keep buying new things?
I am actually a serial online shopper … still trying to break the habit. I love the usual suspects: Nordstrom, Asos, Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime. I have also been finding great pieces at H&M lately! Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, and Neiman Marcus Last Call are always fun shops to visit when I am on the hunt for a great designer find.

Do you have any advice for girls interested in starting a fashion/lifestyle blog of their own?
Starting a blog is one of the best things I ever did! If you want to share your own passions and ideas, a blog is a great platform to do so. Don’t jump into it too fast though; starting a blog takes vision, organization, and dedication. Remaining committed and passionate about what you share is very important. Also, don’t forget to consider great design and high-quality photography; they make a world of a difference!

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

Thank you, Danielle, for giving us the low down on west coast style, eats and blogger life. It sure makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing in a state with a real winter! If you haven’t read her blog before, its definitely time to start! She’s LA chic with Midwest charm … and is damn good at finding a designer bargain. She’s truly a doll and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a Drake sister in this crazy blogger community.

Alright kids, that’s Milwaukee, Chicago and now LA. What city or blogger would you like to hear about next? Leave it in the comments!


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