Re-framing the Fashion Conversation

Was anyone else teased relentlessly growing up? “Four eyes” and “geek” were just a few of the negative connotations thrown my way as a bright-eyed middle-schooler. Glasses were uncool. And if you wore them, so were you. Life was hard at my little Catholic school.

Yet somewhere along the style spectrum, things changed. Glasses became part of our consciousness when it came to fashion. Geek became chic. Studious became sultry. Glasses became cool.

We make statements every day with the clothes we wear and the accessories we pair them with. You shouldn’t overlook (pun intended) some specs as another way to express your personality and individuality.

Except for one small teensie important thing … glasses are expensive!! Like Louboutins expensive. So here’s a fun fact: I’m legally blind in my right eye. YUP! See why I was teased in middle school?? My last pair of glasses cost $800 thanks to my prescription. With costs like that, I’m not looking for the most trendy frames. I’m not thinking about my glasses as an accessory – they are a basic necessity.

But what if  I told you that didn’t have to be the case? What if I said, you could buy a different pair of glasses for each day of the week – for less than the price of my last pair.

Well you can – thanks to Warby Parker! The newest cool kid on the block. Warby Parker has found a way to make shopping for glasses easy and fun. They have tons of chic/trendy frames, starting at $95 (prescription included!!). And for each pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

So when Warby Parker reached out about their new Fall Collection, I couldn’t wait to collaborate. Their latest collection showcases nine new shapes and two new colors. To get a closer look at the styles, I used their free home try-on service. I picked five of my favorite frames from the new collection, and WP shipped them right to me so I could take ’em for a five day spin.

Let’s take a closer look (hehe sorry these glasses puns are just to easy!)…

Chandler Ti  ~ English Oak

Warby Parker ~ Chandler Ti

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Chandler Ti Frames

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Chandler Ti Frames

I love the cut of this pair. I think the round shape makes me looks astute, and yet the size of the lens isn’t overbearing. Unfortunately, I think my features might be a little too dark for this shade of color. I’d love to see this frame on someone with lighter hair!

Nash ~ Greystone

Warby Parker ~ Nash

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Nash Frames

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Nash Frames

I really wanted to like these!! I think this greystone color is an awesome choice for frames because its so versatile. You can easily pair these specs with black or brown. Unfortunately, I thought this particular pair was a little too big on me.

Coley ~ Woodgrain Tortoise

Warby Parker ~ Coley

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Coley Frames

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Coley Frames

I love love love the color of these frames. Tortoise shell is my favorite style for glasses because it adds more interest to the frames than a solid color would. Tortoise is preppy and chic, and I view it as a neutral – pairing it with both blacks and browns. Sadly, this pair was a little too small for my face.

Shopping for lenses was feeling a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears … luckily I had two more to try!

Greenleaf ~ Whiskey Tortoise

Warby Parker ~ Greenleaf

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Greenleaf Frames

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Greenleaf Frames

Winner!! The Greenleaf frames were probably my favorite of the five. Their rich tortoise color looked almost black, but would still pair nicely against a brown color palette. The shape was the perfect blend of round and structured, and the little wings gave it a touch of femininity. These frames could easily be styled for the office or for fun. 

Durand ~ Saddle Russet

Warby Parker ~ Durand

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Durand Frames

A New York Love Affair ~ Warby Parker Durand Frames

This style was a last minute add. I was really drawn to the ombre look of the frames. In the stock photo, the two-tone design seems dramatic; although in person, I thought the contrast was more muted and the colors complimented each other nicely. I actually really liked this pair! Definitely more of a novelty purchase (but hey – when the frames are only $95+, why not get a second??) I think this style pulls off the geek chic look well (remember this post?). The frames are big but not overly large, and the ombre colors give it a very fashion-forward look.

 Looks like I have a tough decision to make! Which frames are your favorite??
Check out the rest of the fall collection >> here. And dont forget to shop my look below!

A New York Love Affair

Shirt :: Chaps (similar)
Sweater :: Banana Republic (loving this)
Pants :: Zara (similar)
Bag :: Fossil
Boots :: Aldo (LOVE these)
Watch :: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet :: Stella & Dot
Rings :: Wantable and family jeweler (similar)
Earrings :: Wantable


  • Reply October 14, 2014


    Love this and am going to try this site. I too had a hard time at that same little Catholic school with my four eyes while in middle school. It builds character. :)

    • Reply October 27, 2014

      Elena Michelle

      ompletely agree — it builds character! Or at least thats what my mom told me :) You should definitely check it out!! They have some great frames.

  • Reply October 15, 2014


    Oooo!! My faves on you are the Durand in Saddle Russet! They suit your face shape and personality perfectly!


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