What Makes Up My Fall Beauty Essentials

If you’ve been following along for the last year or so, you’ve seen more than a glimpse of my closet. But as integral as your wardrobe is for a fashionista, you can’t undervalue the importance of a solid makeup arsenal for a successfully completed look.

A New York Love Affair :: Makeup Essentials

My makeup essentials rotate with the seasons. During the summer months, when I have a nice sun-kissed glow, I tend to wear less foundation and lighter lip colors. I let my tan, sunburn, and freckles do most of the talking. But right now, when I’m pale as shit my tan is fading, my priorities change drastically. I like to take the focus away from my lighter skin by highlighting my eyes and lips with richer tones.

Although the focus has shifted away from my cheeks, its still important to me that I have a strong base for the rest of my face. I start with my Make Up For Ever face and body liquid makeup, which acts as a dual-purpose primer and moisturizer, and barely feels like its there! Next I layer on my Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation. This evens out my skin and locks in the moisturizer. Bobbi Brown is a great foundation, but it does leave my skin feeling a little oily, so I make sure to follow it up with my Laura Mercier mineral powder. All I do is dust a little bit of this powder on my face for light coverage and it seals off my base. Lastly, I do a little make-shift contouring with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, which I use as a bronzer to highlight my cheekbones. Most of the time, that’s all I need! But MAC has a few subtle blushes (like Warm Soul) that help achieve a more drastic contouring look as well.

A New York Love Affair :: Makeup Essentials

Once I have a good base, I look to my eyes next (see what I did there…). I am all about burgundy, brown, and gold hues for my eyes this season. Its a color palette that goes well with almost every fall shade! I’m currently obsessing over this Cynthia Rowley eyeshadow easel from Birchbox. Lately I’ve been using one of the two middle-tone colors for my eyelid, a darker color for my crease, and the lighter gold for under my eyebrow. Next I use my black Sephora eyeliner, and sometimes I’ll even make it more dramatic by accentuating the lines with Urban Decay black eyeshadow. Top it off with a little MAC false lashes waterproof mascara (which gives me lashes for daaaaays) and I’m good to go in the eye department!

A New York Love Affair :: Makeup Essentials

Finally – my lips! Lipstick is to my makeup regime as a fabulous heel is to my wardrobe. I just love a bold pop of color to make a statement and complete my look. For the autumn months, I’m all about puckering up with some rich reds, oxbloods, and purples. I’m a pretty loyal MAC girl (as you can probably tell by now) so my current lipstick army includes MAC’s Viva Glam VI, Verve, Frost, and Amplified Tribalist, as well as L’Oreal’s True Red. When applying a deep lipstick color, you can’t afford to have a shaky hand. That’s why I usually look to a matching lip liner for help smoothing out the edges. My go-to’s for the season are MAC’s Redd, Half-Red, and Vino.

A New York Love Affair :: Makeup Essentials

That’s a sneak peek at my fall beauty essentials. What are some of your go-to’s this season? Hope you were able to snag some ideas for your own makeup arsenal. And keep an eye out for some bold lips and fierce eyes in my upcoming fall style posts!

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  • Reply October 27, 2014


    These are great picks! I really love that statement necklace too! I like to use Mac Haute and Naughty Mascara, Nars bronzer, and some Mac lipstick. Those are my essentials since I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I’m interested to trying some of these out!

    • Reply October 27, 2014

      Elena Michelle

      Thanks Megan! I will have to check out that haute and naughty mascara! But I have definitely heard good things aboout NARS…. I really hope you try some of these out – my mom always taught me to keep the makeup minimal, so I promise you a lot of my picks barely feel like they’re there!

  • Reply October 29, 2014


    Great choices! I always love learning the products people use. I swear by Laura Mercier. I think I’ll have to give that mascara a try.

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