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For as easy as it is to shop for myself, I’m sometimes intimidated to shop for my beau. Much to his credit, he is ahead of the curve on a lot of men’s fashion (kinda like I try and be for women’s styles). He’s Mister NYC: very put together, and very GQ. It takes plenty of time and research to find the right gift for him.

But shopping for the man in your life, whether it’s your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or that guy you just started seeing doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Find something you both share. A common interest. A common taste overlap. Something you’ll like and you know he’ll like. For my boyfriend that means scouring the GQ and Sports Illustrated holiday gift guides, but for you it could mean taking a peek at what REI has on sale or the latest in cookware from Mario Batali.

Whatever it is, make it something he’ll remember when he wears it/uses it/sees it. It should say as much about you as it does him. It’s about recognizing what makes your relationship together special. So it’s something he likes, but that he knows is the kind of thing only you’d give him.

When you think about it as an overlap of the tastes you share, the relationship you have, it makes it easier to find the perfect thing. So even if you don’t have a scotch-sipping, J. Crew-wearing, GQ-reading man in your life like me, here are a few holiday gift ideas to explore.

A New York Love Affair :: Gift Guide for Him

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