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I love three day weekends, because it means an extra day of PJammin’ while binge-watching my latest tv show (right now that would be White Collar. Helloooo Matt Bomer!). But as nice as it can be to stay cozied up in this radiator-heated space, I’ve been trying to find more reasons to get out during these wintery months … and you should too!

Don’t like to cold? Head to the movies and get up to speed on the Oscar nominees, or head over to your nearest cafe for hot cocoa with your friends! More of a winter lover? Go skiing, ice-skating, or build a snowman in the park. Winter can be (somewhat) enjoyable if we just let it. BUT if after all that you still want to stay in, check out some of my latest links:

  • Just because – here are 50 reasons why NYC is the greatest city in the world
  • According to Vogue, the Ugg boot is officially back (groan)
  • Here’s a really poignant piece on how “copycat-syndrome” is ruining our generation’s creativity
  • I’m helping plan my cousin’s bachelorette party, and found this great guide!
  • Speaking of which, anyone been to Nashville? Any suggestions??
  • Piperlime has a good selection in their sale section right now (like this dress, and these black jeans)
  • Oh! And Gigi New York extended it’s big winter sale this weekend
  • Wish List: I really really want this bar cart from Society Social
  • Latest Obsession: pom pom beanies
  • PSA: Green matcha is the new black coffee … put this on my ‘must try’ list along with the cronut which I still haven’t tried
  • Rocksbox = new favorite subscription. Unlimited designer jewelry for $19/mo. Get your first month free with code: elenaxoxo  … you’re welcome in advance.

That’s all for now my friends. Enjoy the long weekend!



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