Nashville Check List


Hat | Flannel #1 | Boots | Ring #1 | Ring #2 | Jacket | Jeans | Flannel #2 | Bag | Watch | Lipstick

While most of my peers are laying out a week’s worth of insufferably high heels and trying to decide how to look cute in mega layers for NYFW, I’m packing up a suitcase full of cozy flannels, broken-in jeans, and boots (made for walking) for my trip to Nashville this weekend!

Have any of ya’ll you guys been to Nashville? (Okay I was just trying ya’ll on for size, but my computer autocorrected me as if to say ‘nice try, you aren’t southern’). I’m really looking forward to the change of pace. A weekend full of live music, cheap beer, and some classic BBQ. Since I’ve never been, packing was a little bit more difficult than normal. But I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with edgy casual. Cowgirls can have a little grit right??

We’ve got lots in store over the next 3 days for my cousin Emily, the bachelorette!! But I can’t give anything away just yet :-) Check back next week for a little recap of our girls getaway.

What are you up to for the long weekend? If you’re headed out to NYC for NYFW … have a blast!! Maybe I’ll catch you for the tail end of the week!



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