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Confession. I’m having an affair with New York. (Don’t tell Peter!). We go through rough patches sometimes … like Winter, or when I slip on ice, or when cabs splash me with slushy puddle water … but we always manage to get through it. And by Spring, I fall in love all over again. Today was one of those perfect days with my man, and my man-hattan: brunch, spring weather, fresh blooms, and a late sunset. Felt good to get off the couch and explore again. But that also means I’m writing this post at 10 pm instead of 2 pm, SO enjoy reading this on Monday morning!

  • Attention all you House of Cards, Scandal, PLL, Game of Thrones , [insert your favorite guilty pleasure here] fans. There are rules to binge-watching. Abide by them.
  • Also, I love this hilarious commentary on the 24 types of food snobs out there. Which one are you?
  • Mark my words, the minute I get back from vacation I am making these samoa donuts. #GirlScoutCookiesOnSteroids
  • Has anyone else started their spring cleaning? I probably ditched 50% of my wardrobe by using this ‘keep or toss’ approach. Plus Peter piped in with his fair share of “yea, that can go…”s.
  • Still struggling to find room for all my shoes though … but here’s one great solution.

That’s all for now. Have a great week everyone!



  • Reply March 9, 2015

    CS Gems

    Super cute and love the photo! Never been to New York but it is on my list, so I’ll get there one day!
    Carrie and Stacy

  • Reply March 9, 2015


    kate spade sale! yes please

  • Reply March 11, 2015


    Pretty picture and great links! Especially the rules for binge watching (even if I am off to catch a few episodes of House of Cards right now).

    • Reply March 30, 2015

      Elena Michelle

      thanks Jeanne!!! haven’t started House of Cards yet (waiting for my boyfriend … and being good about the binge watching rules!!) hehe

  • Reply March 11, 2015


    I have one of those bags!!! I bought it off of Etsy but mine has a little quote about red lipsticks on it;)

    • Reply March 30, 2015

      Elena Michelle

      love that!! Pamela’s bags are awesome. I want every single NYC one!

  • Reply March 19, 2015

    Brenda Kelly

    Oh my gosh, I love the food snobs! I will have to share that one. I’m definitely The Substituter but the Annie Leibovitz cracked me up!


  • Reply April 8, 2015


    I just stumbled on your blog, and I’m in love! I’ve got some major jealousy going on that you live in New York City. I’m obsessed with New York, and I’d love to live there someday, but for now I’ll just have a long-distance love affair with the city. And I’ll be following your blog for sure. :)

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