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A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Look

As much as Carrie Bradshaw would like you to think that walking around Manhattan in heels all day is practical, the reality is it’s not. Sure, I love a good stiletto as much as the next girl (well maybe more), and yes, I really enjoy getting dolled up on the weekends! But truthfully, a lot of my time is spent running around in my athletic gear. Maybe more of that time should be spent working out, but hey, you gotta look the part first, right?

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

In college I was an athlete, and practically lived in sweatpants and oversized tshirts (when I wasn’t in golf clothes). It was comfortable and served a purpose, but was highly unflattering. Fortunately, women’s workout gear has really upped its game since ‘the good ol days’. Thanks to the likes of Lululemon, Nike and Victoria’s Secret you can actually look trendy and feminine for the gym!

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

Pullover: Victoria’s Secret (love this in every color) | Vest: Zara (similar) | Pants: Nike | Bag: Tory Burch | Shoes: Converse | Hat: Augusta (loving this monogram one)

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

A New York Love Affair :: Sporty Spice

So now that I LOOK the part, maybe I should DO my part, and get my butt to the gym a little more. I’m working on it… You see, while most people start their New Year’s Resolutions in January, my workout trigger is more of a “four-weeks-away-from-my-beach-vacation-and-I-better-get-crackin” motivation. Terrible, I know.

But shopping is cardio too, right?


PS —  shop some of my favorite workout pieces below!


Sneakers (green + pink) | Pants | Socks | Water Bottle | Tank Top | Sports Bra | Bag


  • Reply March 11, 2015

    Victoria Galindo

    OK YES. Carrie Bradshaw completely LIED. Along with Blair Waldorf. lol You look amazing and I think I might need that pink top.


  • Reply March 12, 2015


    You look adorable in your workout gear! I love the pink pull over!

    • Reply March 30, 2015

      Elena Michelle

      thanks Laure! VS has some great brightly colored gear! i just stocked up :-)

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