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Question: Do you prefer one or two long vacations … or lots of little ones throughout the year? My answer: Do I have to answer? I definitely agree that your mind needs more than 5 days to fully disconnect and refresh from work. And when you have more days to work with, you can go somewhere farther away. But on the other hand, having little three day weekend getaways scattered throughout the year really does give you something to look forward to more frequently.

The last three weekends in a row I cashed in on some of my short weekend trips … Des Moines, Milwaukee, and then Vegas. They may not have been exotic locations, but spending three days unplugged is the perfect little reset. Maybe the answer is a good combination of both. Or, just more vacation days… :-P  What do you think?

S  H  O  P
 S  W  O  O  N
  • Trend Alert :: black jumpsuits keep growing in popularity, and act as a chic alternative to an LBD.
    • Steal :: $59 at H&M
    • Splurge :: $133 (on sale!) at Bluefly
  • But, if you’re more of a romper girl … my faaaaavorite Trina Turk romper from Wednesday’s post is on sale! I suggest you add this to your cart quickly.
  • On the hunt for new sunnies? My new favorite brand is Quay Australia, and I currently have my eye on these.
  • I’m also in dire need of a new beach towel, and can’t get enough of this adorable Kate Spade one.
  • While we’re on the topic of things for the beach, what are your thoughts on one piece swim suits? All for it, or not trying to get weird tan lines? I’m on the fence, but kinda like this Asos one.
S  U  R  F
  • All you need to know about jumpsuits. This week’s trend alert, and clearly, my new obsession.
  • 70’s style is back in a big way. For those of you that are resisting a little bit (guilty!), read these tips on tip-toeing back into the world of flares.
  • Bookmark :: some really interesting thoughts on the future of blogging.
  • Have I told you? Peter and I are about to start apartment hunting, and this brutally honest Craigslist spoof doesn’t give me much hope for the process. Ugh New York, you kill me.
  • Sticking around next weekend? Here are some things to do in NYC for Memorial Day weekend.
  • If the beach is on your “to-do list” next weekend, and you’re not quite in bikini shape … try these 8 healthy breakfast ideas to kick-start your mornings this week.

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  • Reply May 18, 2015


    I just want a vacation that is more than a day! That’s all I’m hoping for. I’ve been dreaming about a vacation that takes me on an island so I can wear a big floppy hat & drink a delicious alcoholic beverage! xx

  • Reply May 19, 2015

    Amanda Miller

    I love this! I know how long it takes to pull these together! I love how you always break these down for us! I definitely need more than 3 days. I am worn out if my vacations are less than that bc traveling to get somewhere is exhausting! xoxo A

  • Reply May 20, 2015

    Jessica Doll

    Ooh, all of these sales are DANGEROUS! For my wallet of course. My J.Crew bag keeps growing, might need to do something about it, ha.

    As far as vacations, I travel at least once a month, so I guess I prefer more?

  • Reply May 20, 2015

    Kate Huijing

    I love traveling! Short weekend trips are the best.

    xo, Kate
    Petals and Prada

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