Divine Secrets of the Blogger Sisterhood

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

The blogging community is a sisterhood. I know that sounds so cliche – but it really is true. The girls I’ve met (both in person and over the internet) are so supportive, and have become great friends of mine.

What I love about this sisterhood, is we all kind of “get it”. We understand the late night writing sessions and the early morning photoshoots …  the crazy event schedules and the endless Instagram hours. Sure, sometimes we vent and commiserate … but we also share advice, give suggestions, and compare resources. And in an industry that tends to get a bad rap for being highly competitive and full of divas, I’m happy to report that my experience has been generally the opposite.

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

Dress #1: Forever 21 (love this) | Dress #2: Francesca’s (similar) | Hat: Ralph Lauren (love this) | Shoes: Aldo (similar) | Bag: Michael Kors (always a classic) | Belt: Francesca’s (cute option) | Sunnies: DVF (similar) | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Bracelets: Stella & Dot + Stella & Dot

Today’s look is inspired by a tip I garnered from a few of these fellow fashionistas.  A tip that will increase the versatility of your summer wardrobe 10-fold! One that’s so simple, you’ll be surprised you never thought of it yourself…

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

The sisterhood secret? I merged two dresses into one. Mind blown, right?!

How to try this at home:

  1. Pick two dresses — whether they be complimenting colors or patterns — and decide what part you’d like to be on top, and what part to make up the bottom.
  2. Put dress #1 on first – this will serve as your “top”.
  3. Then take dress #2, and fold the top part inward, creating a makeshift skirt.
  4. Step into the newly created “skirt”, tucking in dress #1 in the process.
  5. Belt it, and you’re ready to go!

This genius little trick can work with any top + dress or skirt + dress too! Same basic principle applies.

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

A New York Love Affair :: Mix & Match

This little secret will unlock endless possibilities for your summer wardrobe. Have fun with it — pair polka dots and stripes like I did, or maybe try some color-blocking. Play with different textures and materials. Here’s your chance to play designer, without having to sew a single stitch!


A big thank you to my sisterhood of blogger babes … you know who you are. Your advice, mentorship, and support make this experience so worthwhile. Thanks for sharing some of your secrets with me.
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  • Reply June 24, 2015


    loving this look! perfect for the 4th :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style | A Dallas Fashion Blog

  • Reply June 24, 2015


    Ummm that is just downright GENIUS!!! I need to try this ASAP! You look adorable!

  • Reply June 24, 2015

    Emily Cole

    I love the blogger community as well!! Such supportive girls and they are really the only people who get this crazy world of blogging! Most of my friends don’t understand the time and energy we all put in to it! Love your idea and your outfit!


  • Reply June 25, 2015


    that is genius! i never thought of that before! ha! i love it. you look great.

  • Reply June 25, 2015

    Kate Huijing

    Love this post + you look fab! Xoxo

    Petals and Prada

  • Reply June 25, 2015


    Love what you wrote, so true! And that outfit is so cute. Love that it is two dresses!


  • Reply June 26, 2015


    WHAT!! That is crazy I never would have guess that was two dresses! How nifty!!

    And you are SO right. The blogger community is like a sisterhood when you link up and become friends! It can get a little hasty and competitive sometimes I feel like, but when you find those that you connect with they are like sisters!

    xoxo, Nickie of http://www.nickieanddime.com

  • Reply July 2, 2015

    Daily Sports USA

    Thanks for sharing this genius little trick, I really like that look, so fun and chic, the combo of polka dots and stripes is perfect.

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