NYFW ~ Pre + Day One Recap

I can’t believe it’s been one year since my very first fashion show. When I received my first invitation last year, I had NO idea what to expect. What do I wear? Who will I see? How does it work? I was quite honestly, a total newb. I got through it with a little help from my blogger pals, and a lot of just winging it.

Fast-forward to SS16 and I had a much better handle on the scene. I proactively reached out to brands, was more selective about which shows and events to attend, and was even on the giving end of some advice. Overall, it was another chaotic yet successful week, and I can’t wait to recap every minute of it with you!

| Pre-Fashion Week |

Let’s rewind to pre-fashion week for a moment. As if the fashion week festivities aren’t enough, there are of course pre-fashion week festivities. I kickstarted my week Wednesday night at the O’2nd presentation with Lex. In contrast to runway shows, presentations are great because you get to be up close and personal with the designs and models … rather than sitting in the back of a crowded show peering over everyone’s heads. 

NYFW Day 1-9

I really connected with O’2nd’s spring and summer collection because all the pieces could easily be plucked right off the models and into our daily style. Every look conveyed an effortlessly flowy feel, rather than the structured looks we’ve become accustomed to. They chose a warm and creamy palette of off-white, salmon and pops of seaweed green, a nice change from your typical ‘pastels for spring’ scheme.


Afterward, I headed to my girl, Lex’s NYFW Kickoff Party, hosted with Erin Dana & 3NY. Per usual for fashion week, my phone died before I could snap any pictures! So you’ll have to read all about it from the hostess herself here.

| Day One |

Because I work full-time (and didn’t take any days off this year), I was only able to do the “nights and weekends” circuit of NYFW. Although that meant missing some really fantastic shows, I still had quite a full schedule. Thursday night I met up with Lex again, and we headed to the Yuna Yang show. The show perfectly captured the essence of spring and femininity, right down to the petal soaked floors.

Yuna Yang Show

via Yuna Yang Collection

Again the trend seems to be toward elegantly flowing pieces. I loved the combination of patterns and sheer overlays. It added interest to each look without deterring from the floral focal point. Overall, the collection was very feminine and conservative, with a setting as beautiful as the designs.


We ended the night at the annual LuLu’s Style Studio party in Chelsea. It was an evening full of bubbly, photo booths, and lot’s of blogger babes. Events like this are great because they bring my favorite together people under one roof. Everyone’s schedules during NYFW are chaotic and hurried. You may only run into your gal pals for 5 seconds before running shuffling in heels to your next show. That’s why its nice to have a night like this to catch up, mingle, and even do a little (free) shopping with your girls!

NYFW Day 1-10

Becky | Lex | Naty | Laine

Check back next week for the outfit I picked out in LuLu’s Style Studio, and of course, catch a full rundown of my NYFW day one look here!


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