If I Were A Boy…

Boys have it easy.

Us girls, we have to endure the pain and suffering of wearing high heels, the struggle of squeezing our curves into spanx, and the tediousness of hour-long beauty routines, just to go out into the world.

Boys? Bomber jacket, sneaks, and a pair of comfy jeans and they are out the door. Bad hair day? Throw on a hat. Life is good…

After a long week of wearing heels and dresses to the office, sometimes I want to trade routines with my male counterparts. So on the weekends, I do.

A New York Love Affair :: If I Were A Boy

When channeling my tomboy, first I grab a bomber jacket. Every gal needs one in their closet (I personally have three!). They are the perfect layering piece for your casual weekend wear, and act more like an accessory to your look than a coat.

The next thing I grab is knit hat. If you’re like me, and feel like the pom pom hat is on it’s last leg, opt for a sportier knit hat from Adidas or Nike. It keeps your head warm while giving your look a 90s vibe.

A New York Love Affair :: If I Were A Boy

Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Sweater: J.Crew | Denim: Paige | Shoes: Adidas | Bag: GiGi New York | Hat: Urban Outfitters | Watch: Daniel Wellington


A New York Love Affair :: If I Were A Boy

photo-A New York Love Affair :: If I Were A Boy-13-4-32-55-pm

Lastly, give your poor broken feet a rest, and venture out in a pair of sneakers. Trust me, your toes will thank you. Grab a pair of Stan Smith’s like mine, or even a pair of all black Nikes. There’s no reason for your feet to hurt on their day off! Plus, the right pair can look sporty AND cute!

A New York Love Affair :: If I Were A Boy

A New York Love Affair :: If I Were A Boy

If this all sounds like a good idea to you, then you should try it out for yourself next weekend! There’s no reason the boys should have all the fun. In the meantime, check out the rainbow of bomber jackets I linked to below, plus some of my all-time favorite sneaks.



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