Day to Evening Dress + How I Met My Husband

Friday night is date night. But this Friday was extra special. Peter and I were celebrating 7 years together, and we had an early reservation right after work. Carrying a change of clothes around is never fun, so I raided my closet for the perfect crossover dress for the occasion.

A New York Love Affair

A New York Love Affair

Dress: ASTR the Label | Bag: Prada | Booties: BCBG (similar) | Earrings: ShinyMix

Finance by day and fashionista by night means I essentially maintain two different wardrobes.  Because of this, it can be hard to find an outfit that will carry me from day to evening with minimal adjustments. Fortunately, I just bought this conservative yet chic black dress with tie detail in my latest Nordstrom haul, and with a few accessory changes it would be perfect.

After work, I swapped out my traditional black heels for a pair of suede booties, and my diamond studs for a fun tassel earring, and I was date-night ready. Black is also my tried-and-true way of feeling chic in and out of the office.

A New York Love Affair

A New York Love Affair

A New York Love Affair

A New York Love Affair

Like I said, this weekend Peter and I are celebrating seven years together! A lot has happened in the last seven years — we became “real adults”, moved to New York City, both lost our jobs at various points, got engaged, and most recently, became husband and wife. Even though we will now have a marriage anniversary, it is still fun to commemorate the date it all began. So how did it begin? Let’s go all the way back to August 2010…

I had just graduated from college and moved back to my hometown of Milwaukee. One night while out with some old high school friends, I started chatting with a cute boy named Peter. We’d gone to brother / sister high schools and shared a lot of mutual friends, but didn’t know each other too well. Peter was in town for an interview, in hopes of moving back to Milwaukee for a job. After some shameless flirting, we exchanged numbers, and promised to be in touch if he moved back to town.

Fast forward to October. College football season was in full swing, and University of Wisconsin was gearing up for a big game against the #1 ranked Ohio State. My dad, a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye and proud alum, had talked about taking me and my brother to the game. Turns out, he could only get one ticket, so my Buckeye-loyal brother got to go instead of me.

After texting all my Wisconsin friends, I learned that Peter, the cute boy from the bar, had an extra ticket to the game and was willing to take me. Not a hard sell for me! Game day rolls around… Peter and I partake in Madison’s finest pre-game festivities, and make our way to our 50-yard line seats for the game. A little football and a lot of flirting led to our very first kiss.

The epic finale to our “first date” was Wisconsin’s incredible upset of #1 ranked Ohio State. Badger fans, including us, rushed the field for an unforgettable party in the end zone, while sour Ohio State fans exited the stadium (sorry Dad!).

At our wedding, my dad fondly tells the story of this fateful game, and the important role it played in our budding relationship. Stay tuned for our wedding trailer, which captures the story from his speech. Coming soon!

A New York Love Affair

Photo by: Olga Thomas Photography


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    That’s a flawless, feminine and absolutely wonderful outfit for Fall, works perfectly daytime and for a night out. :)

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