What to Wear to Your Friendsmas Party

If Thanksgiving proves anything, comfort is key when dressing for the holidays (particularly around the waistband!). But you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort.

I am more of a dress gal, so my shopping goal was to find a silhouette that was flowy and loose, but didn’t hide my shape. And since I have a lot of holiday parties this year, a double bonus was finding a dress that I could wear beyond the five week holiday season.

This J.Crew number hit all the high notes for me. It cinches lightly at the waist, and twirls on command. I also thought this pattern said “festive” without screaming CHRISTMAS! So when all your friends are wearing shades of red at your Friendsmas party, you can stand out in this seasonal tartan plaid.

Twirl your way into the holidays with this dress, or some of my other holiday favorites:



  • Reply December 16, 2017


    You are looking absolutely flawless in this girly outfit!


  • Reply January 16, 2018


    Omg! You picked a GREAT dress. It’s so cute and a little bit more on the chic side vs. the typical flannel dress. Money well spent!

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