Transitioning From Summer to Fall ~ White Jeans

Stuck in between seasons and not sure how to dress? Right there with you. Mid-September can be the trickiest in-between month of them all. Today’s the first day of fall, so you can’t really get…

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

A Los Angeles Love Affair ~ Envision Pretty

In Los Angeles, the only thing more beautiful than the weather is the people. Actors, musicians, models, and the people aspiring to be any and all of the above, all congregating under sunshine and palm trees….

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NYFW ~ Badgley Mischka Show

“Ok, ok we get it Elena. You went to New York Fashion Week and wore pretty clothes. BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE SHOWS?!” You’re right. I haven’t talked nearly enough about the styles, trends, and…


NYFW ~ Day Four Recap

By Day Four of Fashion Week, the honeymoon period had officially worn off. My feet — having been in heels more consecutive days than I could remember — felt like plump little sausages. My body —…

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NYFW ~ Day Three Recap

There’s something truly empowering about Fashion Week. No, it’s not about the beautiful models, beautiful clothes, and beautiful people you’ll see (well, maybe it is a little bit…). It’s about celebrating your own uniqueness. And…

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NYFW ~ Day One Recap

For one week every fall and spring, New York is bustling with some of the most fashionable people in the world. Well, that’s every week, but this particular week even normal “New York chic” isn’t nearly…

A New York Love Affair :: Rompin'


When it comes to new trends, I’m more of a “sit on the edge of the pool for a little bit, then dip my toe in, before … diving in head first” kinda fashionista. I wish I was…

A New York Love Affair :: Trend Report

Trend Report

In over a year and a half of blogging, I’ve never once done a trend rundown. What kind of fashion blogger am I?! And since it’s the Friday before a long weekend, I thought this would be…

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Running Errands Meets ‘I Woke Up Like This’

There’s something about a fully stocked fruit bowl and a fresh bouquet of flowers that just makes me happy! The last few Saturdays, Peter and I have been on a “Farmers Market and Fresh Blooms”…

A New York Love Affair :: Shoe Fetish

Friday Fancies ~ Head Over Heels

However impractical high heels may be in a city like New York, it hasn’t stopped me from buying them. If SJP can do it, I can too. Peter even tried instituting a ‘one pair in, one pair out’…

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Love Affair Travels ~ Retiro Park

Don’t tell Manhattan, but I fell head over heels for Madrid. I’d been to Spain’s capital city before and knew how amazing it was, but on second look, the feeling of being smitten with a…

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Love Affair Travels ~ Smart Casual

Say anything in a British accent and it sounds pretty awesome. But when they talk about dressing “smart casual”, I die a little inside. I love this phraseology, so I’m definitely going to try and make fetch smart…

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Love Affair Travels ~ Bridging the Gap

Losing your luggage is a hassle. And also the worst possible way to start your vacation. Although it can be an excuse to do a little shopping, the last thing I wanted to do on my…

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Love Affair Travels ~ A British Wedding

A large crowd of people are standing around the baggage carousel as the luggage starts to come out. It’s the early evening. We’ve just traveled 14 hours (with a missed connection) and have arrived safely…

A New York Love Affair :: London Wedding

London Wedding Attire

Our Europe trip is so close I can taste it! My packing, on the other hand … not so much. Tomorrow we leave on a 12 day trip to England and Spain. My cousin is getting married in London,…


Rent the Runway Saves the Day

You know the feeling … that feeling of dread and doubt when you have to attend an event you aren’t sure you have the right outfit for. Can I make this dress work? What about…


Remembering to Dress for Me

After almost four years, I still stress about what I’m going to wear before a date with Peter. We see each other every day, and therefore he’s seen almost every item of clothing I own….