A New York Love Affair

Paint the Town Red

When you think New Years Eve, you probably think black, gold, sequins (and champagne of course) … am I right? It’s so easy to feel the pressure of finding the perfect sparkly number for that big night out….

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Something Old & Something New

Lately I’ve been all about classicly fresh looks. My color palette has mostly consisted of black, white and grey, expressed through a mix of timeless pieces and current trends. It’s my way of putting a new twist…

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Over the Moon for Over the Knee

Personal style is a way to make a statement without saying a single word. And believe me, I’m all about finding your sartorial voice and expressing that individuality. I try to draw inspiration from various…


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Peter asked me a really great question the other day: If you had to shop one brand for the rest of your life (within budget), what would it be? In other words, which brand perfectly captures your…

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If The Shoe Fits

I had a little Cinderella moment in Kate Spade. Let me tell you my fairy tale story… A few weeks ago I was prepping for my Caravelle New York instagram takeover, which consisted of Peter and…

A New York Love Affair :: Insta Life Lately

Life Lately

Over the weekend we “fell back” with our clocks, reminding us that summer is definitely over, fall is slipping away, and winter is right around a very cold and windy corner. I woke up yesterday…

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Shifting Gears

I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed you! Sorry for being extremely M.I.A. on here lately (but thanks for following along on insta in the meantime!). When you work a 9-5 (which in my case is…


Magnolias in Bloom

I am not one bit jealous of the spring the Midwest is having. While my friends back home are getting day after day of cold rain and snow, I’m out here enjoying the beauty that…